Friday, July 2, 2010

#1,000,000 With A Bullet

I just made a new video for the HELLO CLEVELAND album! And it's pretty funny!

I'm glad Teresa and Jon look so good in this video, because I look like shit...we did it the last day of tour in March and I had about ten pounds of road fry and paunch, which I've since shed, thank heaven. Vanity aside, though, isn't this cool? We did it on location, as they say, in beautiful Bethlehem, PA, as is appropriate for such an east coast-centric album.

This is the second official video from HELLO CLEVELAND, and the fifth song from the album to be represented on youtube. Despite this, the album is now ranked at #1,000,000 on amazon. (I'm serious! Check it out!) The irony is you'd think an album with a song called "A Town Called Asshole" on it would fly off the shelves, but I've learned since then that a lot of people didn't realize I had another album out after GO WEST. Not surprising since it appeared out of nowhere and it's not like I did much to promote it...I wrote all the songs in the van while in a pissy road mood and we recorded them all in a studio in the Ohio 'burbs in the space of eight hours...but it's gotten pretty high marks from those folks that possess it, somewhat to my surprise, but I don't argue with what people like.

I've been thinking about new ways to get my music out there, and I'm thinking that once I get the hang of the video thing, I'd like to do film of the whole GO WEST album. Like, a video for each song. Just start at the beginning and work my way to the end. There's not a song on the album I can't get behind, and I feel like when that album came out, it was just too much for people to process. If I made 23 videos for the album, and they were good, that would give people a chance to take it one song at a time, and it would keep the album alive for a long spell. What do you think?

To dry run this theory, here's a playlist of songs from HELLO CLEVELAND I just put up on youtube. If you feel motivated to pick up a copy, I offer you the choice of two websites:
Adam Marsland website

End of shill. :) Hey, I do have a job besides blogging.


  1. Ya know what I think ?

    More cowbell.

  2. Like Garrison Keillor's "Raw Bits", "Hello Cleveland" not for everyone, but I think it's a hoot and a half. Especially "A Town Called A*****e". Anyone who's been around for a while can think of one and probably several burgs, hamlets or conurbations that richly deserve that alternate name. "In case of enemy attack go to A******e. No enemy would want to destroy the place and put it out of its misery."