Monday, July 12, 2010

Portrait of the Artist as a Young Dog

I was never a slut because I didn't want to find the one right person. I was a slut because I wanted to find the one right person, and never could.

...with no apologies to James Joyce. He talked too much.


  1. Hi Adam,

    You just reminded me of a Tom Lehrer song about "Smut", and the "adventures of a slut," and "a dirty novel I can't shut, if it's uncut...and un-subt/le." From there we segue to the term "early adopters" and consider how one of the first big markets for VHS technology was videos of uninhibited amorous activity, often taped out in the San Fernando Valley. This got me to thinking of how the purveyors of porn have never been slow to use new media. One can envision Herr Gutenberg's assistant, after running off the day's output of Bible pages, waiting for the boss to go home so he can crank out some copies of "Ye Adventures of Ye Saucie Wenche".

  2. Even with a "right person" It comes down like this

    "How do you stay together so long"

    "-- well -- you have to eat the other persons shit and get used to it. Any they will do the same with your shit"

    I do not blame anyone who does not want to do that - even if they say they do - most without kids don't